Medical Ethics

Patient-Physician relationship
views 503

Withdrawing or Withholding Treatment
views 689

Withdrawal and Withholding treatment in terminal illness: Islamic Perspective
views 673

Western and Islamic bioethics: How close is the gap?
views 652

The contribution of Islamic culture to the Development of Medical
views 607

The effects of fasting in Muslim patients taking warfarin: comment
views 629

The diabetic patient in Ramadan
views 709

The cardiac patient in Ramadan
views 498

The cardiac patient during Ramadan and Hajj
views 561

Teaching Islamic Medical Ethics
views 481

Ethical Challenges of Stem-Cell Transplantation in Parkinson’s Disease: Islamic Viewpoint
views 920

Spirituality and Religiosity in Cardiac Rehabilitation
views 513

Slowing the Tide of Alcohol Use Disorders
views 475

Saturated fats: Good, Bad or Ugly?
views 493

Religion and the Plastic Surgeon: an Imam, a Minister, and a Rabbi Walk into a Surgical Centre
views 499

Principles of Islamic Medical Ethics
views 479
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