Spirituality and Religiosity in Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Spiritual and religious practices are often used to cope with illness across adult populations and may be associated with positive clinical outcomes and less disease progression.1 Strong spiritual experiences in life may be a protective and positive factor in cardiovascular diseases. However, spirituality is often neglected in cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programs.2 Some CR patients rely on their religious practices and spiritual beliefs to deal with the onset of and recovery from cardiac disease.3 Yet, the R/S of patients with heart disease and the role of R/S in coping with the illness are rarely discussed during participation in CR programs. 2, 3 A recently published study was set to evaluate the role of R/S in 105 individuals with a first-time myocardial infarction or coronary artery bypass surgery who were referred to a 12-week CR program.4 The demonstrated relationships between R/S and outcomes in cardiac patients support the development of spiritual care interventions for cardiac patients and evaluation of the impact of these interventions on medical, and psychological outcomes in these patients.

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