Medical Ethics

Ethical challenges in the allocation of scarce resources during COVID-19 pandemic: Islamic View
views 480

Ethical challenges in Scarce Resources Allocation in COVID-19 pandemic: Western and Islamic views
views 501

Effects of Ramadan fasting on the symptoms of chronic heart failure
views 555

Do Not Resuscitate Orders: Islamic viewpoint
views 530

Doctor patient relationship
views 573

Doctor-Patient Relationship in Islamic Context
views 627

Do not resuscitate, brain death, and organ transplantation: Islamic perspective
views 546

Difficulties in apologising for a medical error
views 569

Critical congenital heart disease screening
views 540

Contemporary Topics in Islamic Medical Ethics
views 556

Carry on Doctor
views 560

Book Review - Contemporary Bioethics: An Islamic Perspective
views 540

Avicenna contribution to cardiology
views 618

Assisted reproductive technology
views 571

Assisted dying Islamic View
views 543

Artificial nutrition and hydration
views 567
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